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Our Services

We offer services in our office, via telehealth, and in the community to serve those of all abilities, no matter their circumstances. 

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Targeted Care Coordination

Clarity and Support

Targeted Care Coordination (TCC) is a Youth Empowerment Services (YES) program provided by a certified individual to help youth and their family by assessing their needs, recommending, and helping the family access services, coordinate care between various providers and agencies, and monitor the progress of the youth. This is accomplished through comprehensive care and organization of multidisciplinary Child and Family Team (CFT) meetings where a strength-focused Person-Centered Service Plan (PCSP) is created. TCC’s make sure that the youth’s social, educational, family, and various other needs are being met. TCC’s lead this service with a person centered and family centered approach ensuring that the child and their families feel heard, understood, and validated while getting the care and services they need.

Missing Piece

Case Management

Organization and Connection

This program serves individuals of all ages. Individuals will work one-on-one with their Case Manager (CM) to navigate the confusing puzzle of life. Case Managers will coordinate and collaborate with client’s and their treatment team to identify and address various psychiatric, medical, dental, housing, educational, vocational, basic and any other needs that may arise.
Clients will work directly with our Case Managers to access community resources to optimize their overall functioning. Case managers advocate for clients and their needs while educating the client to empower them to advocate for themselves.
By providing this strength-based treatment, we believe this will transform each participant to becoming their own Advocate Warrior and chaos coordinator; ultimately improving and maintaining their quality of life and independence through making sense of their life puzzle and putting all the pieces where they belong.

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Mental Health Therapy

Health and Healing 

Whether you're seeking Individual, couples, family, or child/adolescent therapy, we take careful consideration to tailor each therapeutic approach to the individual and their circumstances. We believe that therapy is not a one size fits all situation and should be adjusted to each unique person, family, and circumstance to truly help those who come through our door. 

Our clinicians utilize many different techniques and approaches including but not limited to the following:

  • Play therapy techniques 

  • Art therapy techniques

  • CBT

  • DBT

  • EMDR

  • Trauma-informed therapy

  • Solution-focused

  • Motivational interviewing. 

We would love to help you organize and cope with your chaos in a healthy and liberating way. 


Mental Health & Substance Abuse
Group Therapy

Perspective and Community

Whether you are seeking support in recovery from substance abuse or with mental health and well-being, group therapy provides a supportive space for all members. Group therapy provides the opportunity for members to:

  • Improve relationships

  • Feel connected and supported

  • Improve mental health & resiliency

  • Learn coping skills to aid in recovery

  • Increase effective communication skills

  • Increase forgiveness of self and others

  • Improve self-worth, self-advocacy, & self-love

  • Discover your strength by processing your struggles

Groups are offered virtually and in person Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Contact us for more information. 

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Community Based Rehabilitation Services (CBRS)

Coming Soon

CBRS is a Medicaid service available to individuals 8 years of age or older. This service is provided within the client's home, in the community, or over telehealth. CBRS is an evidence-based treatment approach that is provided through a strengths-based lens. It utilizes an evaluative, collaborative, and client-centered approach to develop a personalized treatment plan that aims to help the client build the necessary skills to achieve independence and success across all areas of life. CBRS is a supportive and adaptive service built to help the client learn how to implement therapeutic lessons in their real world.

TCC is available to children and their families that are on Medicaid and is required for children enrolled in the YES Program. To determine one's eligibility for the YES program, call the independent assessor at Liberty Healthcare at 1 (208) 258-7980. Contact us for more information on this program.

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