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Our Mission

To advocate, educate, support, and guide all clients who seek behavioral health services with Advocate Warriors.

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Our Vision

To establish successful partnerships with local clinics, providers, and businesses to further community improvement and build lasting relationships that will lead to better support and care for our clients and community. To advocate for our clients and their needs. To foster a welcoming, accepting, and open environment for all who walk through our doors.

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Our Values

To advocate, educate, and support all clients who seek services with Advocate Warriors.


Integrity is being honest, open, and ethical


Leadership is striving to lead others how we wish to be led


Education is continuous learning and striving to gather any and all knowledge available to better serve our clients and community.


Communication is transparency, openness, ongoing, and non-judgmental


Passion for our work and desire to be advocate warriors for our community


Community is the foundation of our society, and we intend to do all we can to help that foundation be strong and sturdy


Patience is knowing it’s okay to not be okay, and when you’re not okay we will be there to show patience and understanding


Quality is aiming to be the best and always looking to improve


Teamwork is thinking why do it alone when you can do it with a team? It takes a village, and we are building a good one.


Compassion fills our hearts. We have watched the plans go off the rails, the milk spilled, the grasping of straws and we care.


Justice is fairness, standing up for what is just in the face of adversity, and sometimes walking the road less traveled.

These are the values the Advocate Warriors hold close.

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