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How Advocate Warriors Came to Be

It all started with a little boy with a smile the size of the moon. Mikayla Ririe was a single mother of (at the time) an 18-month-old insanely smiley boy who had  a fresh diagnosis of Angelman Syndrome which was followed by a diagnosis of Autism and then Epilepsy. Mikayla did not know if there was anything or anyone that would be able to help her care for this little guy and all of his extra needs. Mikayla took a deep dive into google and made countless phone calls. A year later she finally figured it out! Programs were finally put into place and her support system was building. Though it was a long, confusing process with the disability and mental health services world. Mikayla then knew she wanted to help other parents and individuals never feel the way she did. Which began Mikayla’s career and love for case management and care coordination. After gathering experience and time in both disability and mental health agencies she decided to branch out on her own to build an agency geared towards advocating and chaos coordinating with support and compassion at its foundation. Advocate Warriors is an agency for the people. We strive to do the best, be the best, and give the best of our hearts to helping others figure this service world and resources puzzle out. We are open to and encourage critique to help us become better. We are professional advocates and dedicated chaos coordinators who are more than willing to be in your corner, so you don’t stand alone.

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